VIDEOfeet (VF) is a Hertfordshire UK based media production company that unite a wide range of disciplines including film, sound design and animation.

From its inception, VF has sought to produce innovative work which utilises the studio’s wide creative skillset to explore the possibilities of short form film, cross-platform and multimedia projects and motion graphics.  VF’s work encompasses short form promotional film & animation, graphic design, theatre trailer’s, narrative films, multi-channel film installation and site-specific installation. The studio has an open approach to collaboration, with an aim to continually develop new practices and accessions to its work, which in turn suggest new artistic directions and approaches for promotional films.

VF’s artistic work led by artistic director Matt Smith often examines the relationship between online presence and real experience, how digital communication affects human consciousness and, recently, how our perceptions of time affect our understanding of ourselves and each other.  Our aim with our artistic work is to create experiences that tell unique stories which produce intense, hypnotic, and, at times, hallucinatory experiences.

Our commercial work utilises our skills as experienced creative professionals with an expertise in short form promotional films and animation.  Our focus is on working with the creative industriesWe have worked with a huge range of clients and take great pride working to produce innovative and exciting promotional content.

We are passionate about our work and are always open to commissions and collaborative ideas, so if you have a project in mind you would like to work with us on, both commercially or artistically drop us a line!