The New Trestle Website

The new Trestle website went live on the 29th of March 2012. You can check it out here:

I know, reader, that was a while back, but what can I say, things have been pretty unreasonably busy, so getting time to do stuff like blog updates is pretty rare!

Anyway, back to the Trestle website, which undoubtably represents the pinnacle of the web design work that we have done so far and is further evidence that Jim is an actual wizard (in addition to the now, frankly, massive beard and pointy, star encrusted hat and as well as being Godzilla). As such, it represents our flagship website and already seems to be drawing interest in building more websites for other people.

What is more the lovely people at Trestle seem to be really happy with it!

But when O when will we get the opportunity to convert our own website to WordPress?! Probably not soon…(sob)

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