Man With The Luggage/Jim Broadbent!

The Trestle Unmasked/Blindeye Theatre Production The Man With The Luggage toured from September to December and VIDEOfeet are very proud to have been a part of it!

As well as producing the promotional film for the production we also created the sound design for the play. From collaging the original music composed by Ben Glasstone to create haunting dreamscapes to creating the sound of trees creaking in the wind but – crucially – with no sound of the wind in the leaves (extrapolating from a sample of a creaking door), it also presented the exciting opportunity for me (along with Olly, the director and leading man Nick) to visit Oscar™ winner Jim Broadbent, no less, in his North London home to record a monologue for the play! Needless to say Mr Broadbent was as charming and welcoming to his home as you could possibly hope, offering us hot drinks (gratefully declined, natch) and a large chunk of his time with not even the slightest hint of any imposition.

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