St Albans Film Festival Trailer

We’ve just completed a new trailer for the 1st St Albans Film Festival. Submissions for the festival are open and have been extended to mid January, so get your films finished and in!

We had a couple of hairy moments while filming; originally we were going to have Jim (for it is he, VIDEOfeet partner, who is the star of the piece) start in the sea. At the end of November. But I think thankfully for Jim, we decided it would be unnecessary – so instead we had the, frankly, fall-over prone Jim run along a cliff-top. Honestly, it didn’t look that high up until Jim was actually running along the top of it, and our fears of Jim dying of hypothermia were quickly replaced with fears of Jim dying by falling from the cliff-top. We thought we may have to complete production ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ style.

Or maybe we did…

The music is ‘Moonlight’ by 9 Devils Of Bun (aka Al) and if you like it is available for free download at our sister company Disperse Records.

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