LOOM was a live performance Research & Development project, supported by Arts Council England, in association with Escalator – an Arts Council England talent development programme for artists in the East of England.

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The original research and development process explored the use of film, motion-graphics, sound, light, projection and physical performance, in order to present work that examines the implications of the internet on human consciousness, both in terms of the individual and society as a whole.

We experimented with different ways in which digital media and online elements could interact with physical performance and vice versa and how we could use these techniques to establish a narrative exploring this theme.

Following is a video of the scratch performance as performed on the 25th November 2011. For the best viewing experience please view in the dark and with the sound turned up (preferably using headphones or through a good hi-fi). Please be patient when watching.

Loom: Original Live Performance Video


As part of this process we are making available audio and video source files from the project for use under a Creative Commons licence, enabling other artists to remix, recontextualise and repurpose the materials that constitute Loom and to create entirely new pieces of artwork. In this way we hope to establish a dialogue with the subject matter. The video at the top of this page constitutes the first such ‘remix’ of the material, working as a distillation of the material into a style suited to the medium of film.

Links to source material follow:

Audio Source Files

The audio source files can be downloaded in uncompressed format here (1.4GB):


Or as 320kbps mp3s here (380MB):



Download links for the video source files are listed below

Loom Performance Clips 1080p 25fps h264 .mov files (655MB):


Source files for the front projector 720p 50fps h264 .mov files (508MB):


Source files for the back projector 720p 50fps h264 .mov files (476MB):


Source files for the left projector 720p 50fps h264 .mov files (679MB):


Source files for the right projector 720p 50fps h264 .mov files (692MB):



We encourage you to upload any audio works created using this source material to the Loom SoundCloud group, which can be found at:


Similarly, we encourage you to upload any video works created using the source material to the Loom Vimeo group, which can be found at:


If you create any work that is neither sound nor video get in touch – all work created using this source as a jumping off point will be posted here in the repository.


The old Loom Repository website can be found at: loom.videofeet.com


Remixes, Recontextualisations & Repurposings

Here you will find the new pieces of artwork created by artists using the source files from ‘Loom’.


EXTRASUPER vs 9 Devils Of Bun – LOOM Dub

This is the first audio remix of source material created by VIDEOfeet in the course of their Arts Council England project ‘LOOM’. It’s by Al from the VIDEOfeet team – he records as EXTRASUPER (making noise) and 9 Devils Of Bun (groove based electronic music – Downtempo, Instrumental Hiphop and Bass) and he has credited it to both projects – he says it’s 9 Devils Of Bun music made with EXTRASUPER methodology. He created a live performance environment using the fantastic (and free!) software ppooll and then recorded live versions of the track.

This is an audio remix of LOOM from Djay Losta.

Here is the video remic of LOOM from Djay Losta.


Workshop Documentation

Below you will find links to pages that contain the audience feedback we collected from the scratch performance and the documentation we gathered during the workshops that we undertook as part of this research and development project.