Office → Studio

We have recently re-christened the VIDEOfeet office to the VIDEOfeet studio. There is method behind this madness; a house move has forced us to shoehorn all of our music and creative equipment into the space we occupy at Trestle Arts Base and we decided with all this it was time to psychically re-align ourselves with relation to the space. Instead of being just a place where we go to work, it is a place where we go to create and play as well as work.

We’re still in the process of sorting it out at the minute – we have plans to cover the walls, from one corner of the studio all the way around, in artwork (our own and others) and we intend to mount speakers on the wall but due to other commitments (such as this new website), we haven’t managed to get around to this yet. But we will!

NEW music making area!

Noise Lab


NEW bontempi machine! (with Jess the Cat)

La Bontempi Maschine


RE-ARRANGED sitting area!

Living Room


NEW Jim Haircut!

Jim in his natural habitat

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