LOOM Project

We have just put the finishing touches to the first round of LOOM – our Arts Council funded R&D project, before we apply for further funding to take the project into the future.

This takes the form of a remix / recontextualization of source material created while making the project, distilling the essence of the live performance into a short film. And here it is! We recommend watching in HD with a bit of quiet and headphones:

We are giving away all of our source material under a Creative Commons license in the hope that other artists will use it as a starting point for their own work – the source material is available by clicking here. We encourage anyone who is using this material to upload any resulting work to the LOOM Vimeo and SoundCloud Groups. Of course if you have created work that doesn’t fall into either the video or sound categories get in touch with us and we’ll put it in the LOOM Repository!

Here is the video of the entire performance – for the full theatre experience we recommend that you watch it in a darkened room through a good system or headphones:

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