How Long?!

Well, well reader, it has been so long… so very long and so much has happened.

Oh (possibly imaginary) reader, let me tell you…

As we said to all one of you in our last post, we have started work on our Arts Council/GFTA funded R&D project LOOM/THADOWS LOOM. We had a cracking time in that first session, where we basically played with fog, projectors, sound and lights all day in the wonderful Trestle theatre space.

We were like ugly sugar filled children playing with prohibited toys – it was great, and we learnt a lot (especially that none of us a particularly great with heights; which is fun when you have to climb the scope to change bits and pieces on the lighting rig).

As far as that session went we were only really looking at some technical issues and didn’t really delve into the concept of the piece.

Enter our wonderful lone performer Georgina Roberts and mentor Emily Gray.

With them we had a fantastic few days exploring narrative, characterisation and the tentative script/ story board we had produced. We even warmed up with them using Polish vocal resonance techniques, which, to a bunch tech-heads and firmly ‘desk’ based artists was.. frankly.. hilarious – but well worth it.

Anyway, I won’t say to much more – you will have to wait and see when we next post… which will literally be in about 30 minutes as I’m catching up. But that doesn’t bother you does it – certainly-possible reader.

Here’s a couple of very poor images from the workshops


Al & Jim warm up with Emily – note the wonderful balance of the VIDEOfeet team.


The wonderful Georgie warming – looking slightly more composed than Al and Jim, I have to say…


Jim acting as audience – what is he thinking?


Al recording Georgie… hopefully for some reason.


Speak soon reader… much sooner


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