We’re collaborating with OBRA Theatre Co. on their new Theatre show based on Ted Hughes versical poem of the same name.

The story follows Nicholas Lumb, an Anglican minister from the North of England who is abducted, duplicated and returned to the world as a changed man. OBRA combine ensemble storytelling, their particular blend of dark humour and a dynamic physicality to bring Hughes’ visceral language to life.

Act 1 plunges the audience into the unwitting protagonist’s macabre journey. The chorus of changing characters transform themselves and the environment, manipulating all the elements of theatre to take Lumb and the audience deeper into the story. The eight performers interweave Hughes’ language with a precise physicality and evocative images accompanied by original live music.

This first instalment climaxes with the creation of a duplicate Lumb in order to take the priest’s place in the real world. The changeling undergoes a bloody baptism in an abattoir before being sent out to fulfil Lumb’s duties in his small English parish.

Act II follows the events of the last day in the life of Lumb’s changeling in a village in Yorkshire. The audience witness the collision of multiple worlds as the duplicate’s grip on his new life deteriorates and the elemental and earthly powers begin exerting their forces. Action shifts between moments of intimate and precise physical characterisation and explosions of energy as the lines are blurred between the present and other possible realities.

In Act III OBRA embrace the poetry of Ted Hughes with pure movement and image, combining language and music to create an aural landscape that is both metaphoric and evocative. This final chapter finds the original Lumb back in our world, but unrecognisable. He has become an itinerant monk, wandering the coast of Ireland composing poems of extra-ordinary force for an unspecified female deity.

We have been busy working with OBRA on there promotional material, trailers, posters  etc.  But we have also been collaborating with them closely producing a unique filmic sound design for the works main section.  Its an exciting journey for us to attampt to create cinematic sound design that works in a live sense.

Coming 2017…