North Wall Summer Outreach 2013

We had a great time at the North Wall in Oxford this year filming their Summer outreach project. Here is a bit of info about it:
The Summer Residency 2013 ran from Monday 22nd July – Saturday 10th August. This year, in accordance with themes being explored as part of the long-term collaboration process between the North Wall and Awake Projects, the young company focused on a physical and textual exploration of riot and recession, with the main presentation consisting of a work-in-progress sharing of Tom Wainwright’s new play Altogether Now. This piece, begun during last year’s Outreach Project (Crash! 2012), has now entered its second phase of development, co-directed once again by Lucy Maycock and Christopher Sivertsen in the third year of the North Wall / Awake Projects collaboration.

DOP: Matt Smith
Sound: ALex Hyland
Music Supplied by The Music Bed
Edited by: Jim Christian & Matt Smith
Directed by: Matt Smith