This film is a ‘remix’ of footage captured during the creation of our Arts Council England/GftA funded live performance project titled ‘LOOM’, starring Georgina Roberts.

The project itself was based on ideas relating to human consciousness in a world of rapidly multiplying channels of communication and the coming (postulated by Ray Kurzweil among others) of the technological singularity. This film uses elements of the live performance to create a distilled essence of the project in a style that is more suited to the film medium.

All effects used in this film were created in camera, with editing consisting only of simple cuts and cross dissolves.

This constitutes the first ‘remix’ using this source material, but it is hoped that by making the source material for this project available under a Creative Commons Licence other artists will be encouraged to use what we have created as a starting point for their own original work. The source can be accessed here: videofeet.com/projects/loom/ and also on the LOOM Vimeo group.

If you do want to work with this material, we encourage you to upload any work that you do create to the LOOM Vimeo group.

With thanks to Laurie Anderson.

DOP: Matt Smith
Visual Effects: Jim Christian, Alex Hyland & Matt Smith
Sound: Alex Hyland & Matt Smith
Performed by: Georgina Roberts
Edited by: Matt Smith
Directed by: Matt Smith