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Thadows Loom Funded!

Thadows Loom Funded!

On the 22nd of November 2013 we found out that our funding application for our mixed-media, film + sound + live performance project ‘Thadows Loom – Sec 1’ was successful! This is of course fantastic news for us; this project represents the first third of a larger project that we hope to complete and tour […]

Au Brana

Well, once again lone reader we write to let you know about things that will enlighten you – better you even…! And also fill up our news page and boost our SEO ranking – just like they tell you in the emails. Anyway lots has happened in the last few months, too much to bore […]

DSLR Guerilla

Hi there. We hope that everyone who attended our St Albans Film Festival seminar on DSLR Guerilla Filmmaking found it useful or helpful in some way. There was a lot to get through in the time, so below is a PDF with some useful links and info that should help you further.   Download Here: […]

LOOM Project

We have just put the finishing touches to the first round of LOOM – our Arts Council funded R&D project, before we apply for further funding to take the project into the future. This takes the form of a remix / recontextualization of source material created while making the project, distilling the essence of the […]

Office → Studio

We have recently re-christened the VIDEOfeet office to the VIDEOfeet studio. There is method behind this madness; a house move has forced us to shoehorn all of our music and creative equipment into the space we occupy at Trestle Arts Base and we decided with all this it was time to psychically re-align ourselves with […]

New VIDEOfeet Website and Branding

Drumroll please. Welcome one and all to the NEW (NEW!! NEW!!) VIDEOfeet website. Have a look around – but please don’t feed the animals. We are very pleased to unveil this; newly WordPress-ified and totally visually driven, we hope you like it as much as we hope you like it! It’s been a long time […]