Thadows Loom Is Coming Soon!

Thadows Loom Is Coming Soon!

We are very proud and excited to announce that our film/live performance/projection/sound project Thadows Loom is coming to Trestle Arts Base on Friday the 20th of June! It’s going to be massive! Tickets are available here from Trestle Arts Base, but they are limited so if you want to come to the event you’d better […]


Oh reader yet again another post, in less than a month. Amazing. Seriously. You are damn lucky. Anyhoo, here is another trailer, this time for the amazing Moonfool for their work in progress show STORM directed by Anna-Helena McLean. A fantastic piece of theatre with incredible music and performances. If you get the opportunity to […]

Au Brana

Well, once again lone reader we write to let you know about things that will enlighten you – better you even…! And also fill up our news page and boost our SEO ranking – just like they tell you in the emails. Anyway lots has happened in the last few months, too much to bore […]

DSLR Guerilla

Hi there. We hope that everyone who attended our St Albans Film Festival seminar on DSLR Guerilla Filmmaking found it useful or helpful in some way. There was a lot to get through in the time, so below is a PDF with some useful links and info that should help you further.   Download Here: […]

Gigapuddi 20x

Our brothers & sisters at Disperse Records have been working hard remixing this wonderfully detailed Japanese advert about a pudding. The results are wonderfully intricate and wasn’t made at all by stretching the audio 20x in Paulstretch to see what would happen… oh no. Here are the results: Great one for the morning, don’t you […]