Office → Studio

We have recently re-christened the VIDEOfeet office to the VIDEOfeet studio. There is method behind this madness; a house move has forced us to shoehorn all of our music and creative equipment into the space we occupy at Trestle Arts Base and we decided with all this it was time to psychically re-align ourselves with […]

We've moved!

We’ve moved!

Well well – here’s the ultimately interesting post telling you that we have moved! Yes, welcome to our new office at Trestle Arts Base – complete with lady lamp and a coffee table. YES.

Escalator Grant

Escalator Grant

We’re past the first stage of applying for an Arts Council Escalator Grant! The idea of getting money to make art seems pretty incredible to us. But it is looking more and more like an actual reality!

Infanta Poster

Infanta Poster

After a lot of work Matt has finally finished the poster for Trestle Unmasked and Increpacion Danza’s theatre production of ‘The Birthday of the Infanta’. We’re really pleased with it and we think they are too.

Chris Taylor's Birthday

Chris Taylor’s Birthday

We went to The Book Club in Shoreditch for our friend, the beautiful and brilliant artist/photographer/maker of enclosures for exotic creatures Chris Taylor’s birthday.