Thadows Loom Funded!

Thadows Loom Funded!

On the 22nd of November 2013 we found out that our funding application for our mixed-media, film + sound + live performance project ‘Thadows Loom – Sec 1’ was successful! This is of course fantastic news for us; this project represents the first third of a larger project that we hope to complete and tour […]


Oh reader yet again another post, in less than a month. Amazing. Seriously. You are damn lucky. Anyhoo, here is another trailer, this time for the amazing Moonfool for their work in progress show STORM directed by Anna-Helena McLean. A fantastic piece of theatre with incredible music and performances. If you get the opportunity to […]

Au Brana

Well, once again lone reader we write to let you know about things that will enlighten you – better you even…! And also fill up our news page and boost our SEO ranking – just like they tell you in the emails. Anyway lots has happened in the last few months, too much to bore […]

LOOM Sound Remix

Disperse Records have offered up the first new ‘remix’ of our LOOM project! Its a fantastically dark and moody piece and captures the essence of the project completely. If you want to be involved and remix our source material you can do it in two ways. One, like Disperse Records, where you create a sound […]

LOOM Project

We have just put the finishing touches to the first round of LOOM – our Arts Council funded R&D project, before we apply for further funding to take the project into the future. This takes the form of a remix / recontextualization of source material created while making the project, distilling the essence of the […]

Andy Ash

Our friend Andy ‘Tramp’ Ash is a fantastic photographer. He travels the world (with a particular focus, at the moment on India and Serbia) taking photos and his work is, in my opinion, easily worthy of National Geographic. THAT level of quality. But beyond his travel and journalistic work the photos he takes of his […]