Gigapuddi 20x

Our brothers & sisters at Disperse Records have been working hard remixing this wonderfully detailed Japanese advert about a pudding.

The results are wonderfully intricate and wasn’t made at all by stretching the audio 20x in Paulstretch to see what would happen… oh no. Here are the results:

Great one for the morning, don’t you think!

St Albans Film Festival Trailer

We’ve just completed a new trailer for the 1st St Albans Film Festival. Submissions for the festival are open and have been extended to mid January, so get your films finished and in!

We had a couple of hairy moments while filming; originally we were going to have Jim (for it is he, VIDEOfeet partner, who is the star of the piece) start in the sea. At the end of November. But I think thankfully for Jim, we decided it would be unnecessary – so instead we had the, frankly, fall-over prone Jim run along a cliff-top. Honestly, it didn’t look that high up until Jim was actually running along the top of it, and our fears of Jim dying of hypothermia were quickly replaced with fears of Jim dying by falling from the cliff-top. We thought we may have to complete production ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ style.

Or maybe we did…

The music is ‘Moonlight’ by 9 Devils Of Bun (aka Al) and if you like it is available for free download at our sister company Disperse Records.

St Albans Film Fest Production Stills

We’re right in the middle of producing a promo for the St Albans Film Festival. It promises to be a really fun little film and really looking forward to it being finished – the footage looks great!

Submissions to the festival are open – go to the St Albans Film Festival Website for more info.

Here are a some production stills and a couple of Instagram shots to whet your appetite…
Jim by Gate
Jim by a gate near Ivinghoe Beacon

Al on a bridge carrying the 'dumb blonde'
Al wandering over a bridge in Christchurch carrying the ‘Dumb Blonde’ – that is, a Zoom audio recorder with our homemade windshield (works great, by the way!)

Jim On Bridge
Jim on the bridge over the M25 back in Abbots Langley

Jim On The Beach Jim on the beach at Hengistbury Head in Christchurch on a glorious morning (which soon turned into a horrendous afternoon).

The Beach At Hengistbury HeadJim On A HilltopJim And Al At The BeachUnder The M1

LOOM Sound Remix

Disperse Records have offered up the first new ‘remix’ of our LOOM project! Its a fantastically dark and moody piece and captures the essence of the project completely.

If you want to be involved and remix our source material you can do it in two ways. One, like Disperse Records, where you create a sound piece from the supplied audio – you can use the source as much as you like and then post to the LOOM soundcloud group so we can see how you’ve done and share the results. The second option is to Remix the footage and produce a video, much like the first film remix.

For more info on collaborating and all the source files you’ll need follow this link.

LOOM Chic (?)

Our lovely LOOM ‘remix’ film featured in a French ‘Chic’ & art website Sexy Radio. You can see us on it here.

It seems a fairly decent site offering cherry picked videos, art, design and fashion items from across the web. There’s some good stuff on it from what we saw (as long as you can put up with the music that blares out at you when you first open the site).

Aside from that its quite nice to have been picked.

LOOM Project

We have just put the finishing touches to the first round of LOOM – our Arts Council funded R&D project, before we apply for further funding to take the project into the future.

This takes the form of a remix / recontextualization of source material created while making the project, distilling the essence of the live performance into a short film. And here it is! We recommend watching in HD with a bit of quiet and headphones:

We are giving away all of our source material under a Creative Commons license in the hope that other artists will use it as a starting point for their own work – the source material is available by clicking here. We encourage anyone who is using this material to upload any resulting work to the LOOM Vimeo and SoundCloud Groups. Of course if you have created work that doesn’t fall into either the video or sound categories get in touch with us and we’ll put it in the LOOM Repository!

Here is the video of the entire performance – for the full theatre experience we recommend that you watch it in a darkened room through a good system or headphones:

VIDEOfeet Have Made a Baby!

Yep, that’s right, VIDEOfeet have made a real, living, breathing, flesh and blood baby!

Well that’s not strictly true…Matt and Rhian have made a baby. If VIDEOfeet made a baby it would be constructed from left over footage from unmade short films featuring Woody, broken PHP functions and swearing. It wouldn’t be a good baby AT ALL. It would be a freak.

Matt and Rhian’s baby is called Archer and he is a beautiful, angry boy.

New Track on Disperse Records

Al’s just finished a new tune – check it out:

It’s a hiphop instrumental (or what they seem to tag as ‘downtempo’ these days) track that takes a couple of old TV themes as sample source. Enjoy!

Also all the music on the Disperse Records SoundCloud is free to download so you can put it on your ipod/portable music player of choice. It’s will come in flac format, so you may need to convert it to mp3/aac if you use itunes – on Mac I use XLD, it’s really good. Also Fluke will allow you to play flacs in itunes and convert them to some ipod friendly format, again on Mac.