LOOM Sound Remix

Disperse Records have offered up the first new ‘remix’ of our LOOM project! Its a fantastically dark and moody piece and captures the essence of the project completely. If you want to be involved and remix our source material you can do it in two ways. One, like Disperse Records, where you create a sound […]

LOOM Project

We have just put the finishing touches to the first round of LOOM – our Arts Council funded R&D project, before we apply for further funding to take the project into the future. This takes the form of a remix / recontextualization of source material created while making the project, distilling the essence of the […]

VIDEOfeet Have Made a Baby!

Yep, that’s right, VIDEOfeet have made a real, living, breathing, flesh and blood baby! Well that’s not strictly true…Matt and Rhian have made a baby. If VIDEOfeet made a baby it would be constructed from left over footage from unmade short films featuring Woody, broken PHP functions and swearing. It wouldn’t be a good baby […]

Snow Queen Promo

Snow Queen Trailer from VIDEOfeet on Vimeo. This is the promo we have made for the Trestle Production The Snow Queen, directed by Rosamunde Hutt. The play, written by Anupama Chandrasekhar, transposes Hans Christian Anderson’s dark, wintery fairy tale to India, and is a riot of colour, action and fun! The production is fresh from […]

Andy Ash

Our friend Andy ‘Tramp’ Ash is a fantastic photographer. He travels the world (with a particular focus, at the moment on India and Serbia) taking photos and his work is, in my opinion, easily worthy of National Geographic. THAT level of quality. But beyond his travel and journalistic work the photos he takes of his […]

Office → Studio

We have recently re-christened the VIDEOfeet office to the VIDEOfeet studio. There is method behind this madness; a house move has forced us to shoehorn all of our music and creative equipment into the space we occupy at Trestle Arts Base and we decided with all this it was time to psychically re-align ourselves with […]

Uncle Bosh

Uncle Bosh

Our brothers and sisters at the weird and wonderful Lamfrag are slowly waking from there slumber.  Having not seen anything from them for a few years we wondered what we would see – well, here it is… Enjoy (?)