Matt & I (that is, Al) have have just returned from filming The Awake Project in Vasteras, Sweden. A lovely city of frozen lakes, quiet, blue skies, fantastic food and insanely expensive beer (although I believe that is the case across Scandinavia). Also an eerily quiet place at night! During the course of our stay […]

DSLR Guerilla

Hi there. We hope that everyone who attended our St Albans Film Festival seminar on DSLR Guerilla Filmmaking found it useful or helpful in some way. There was a lot to get through in the time, so below is a PDF with some useful links and info that should help you further.   Download Here: […]

Gigapuddi 20x

Our brothers & sisters at Disperse Records have been working hard remixing this wonderfully detailed Japanese advert about a pudding. The results are wonderfully intricate and wasn’t made at all by stretching the audio 20x in Paulstretch to see what would happen… oh no. Here are the results: Great one for the morning, don’t you […]