AWN! On The Radio!

We are pretty much blown away to have had the Arthur Winkler NOW! album ‘The Yellow Emperor’ (basically Matt and I in the noise laundry) broadcast on Bruges (Fucking Bruges!) radio station Villabota on the ASYLA experimental show, in its entirety!

The album basically bookends the show, entitled ‘Episode of the Emperor, Or Ruler’, with Side A being played at the start and Side B being played at the end of the show.

How cool is that?!

If you view it on mixcloud the show is described as “A feel good noise mix in the sandwich with Arthur Winklers’ Yellow Emperor.” Which is also really cool. It’s like Disperse is a properly legitimate organisation…

Massive thanks to Alex Goetinck who runs the ASYLA show for such a fantastic compliment and of course for putting us on the show. Given the sort of music we make, it’s extremely gratifying to know that there is a ‘market’ for it and that there are people out there who dig it.

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